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Past Speakers

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Jenny Crwys-Williams 
Graca Machel     
Gill Marcus        
Dr Irvin Khoza    
Bridgette Radebe
Wendy Luhabe   
Devorah Halberstam                                                  
Kenny Filha           
Chief Rabbi CK Harris
Meyer Kahn             
Shimona Tzukernik
Maria Ramos
Helen Zille
Rivkah Slonim
( World-renowned author, counselor, lecturer and philosopher)
( Radio  702 )
( Former First Lady of South Africa)
( Reserve Bank Governor)
( Chairman, 2010 Soccer World Cup bid  and Local Organization Committee)
( Chairperson of Nabera Mining)
( Chairman of Vodacom)
( Anti-Terror Legislation advocate in the US Congress and United Nations
( CEO, Business Against Crime)
( Late Chief Rabbi of South Africa)
( Chairman Miller SA Breweries)
( World-renowned International Speaker)
( ABSA Bank CEO)
( Western Cape Premier)
( Director - Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life)
Women of the World (WoW) was formed in 1999 as a response to the general pessimism in South Africa and has
since become an innovative, much-admired and leading organisation in our community. It is made up of a vibrant
group of women from a cross-section of the South African Jewish Community.

Mission Statement

Women of the World is dedicated to our three-pronged Mission Statement: Nurturing the Nurturers (ie Women);
Patrons of Education and Promoting a Positive South Africa

Nurturing the Nurturers

WoW enriches and inspires the lives of South African women by hosting a series of educational events throughout
the year that inspire women to make a difference both in their homes and society at large.

By sharing knowledge and inspiration with thousands of women of all ages, WoW has been successful in giving
strength and upliftment to those who will, in turn, inspire and nurture the Nation.

By reaching out to one nurturer at a time, the vital chain of change begins.

Patrons of Education

To date, WoW has distributed well over 2 Million Rand to Schools by building libraries, providing computer equip-
ment and giving small bursaries. For the last few years we have also collected money at our functions and sent that
with a contribution from us to Victims of Terror in Israel to help children whose parents have been killed.

Promoting a Positive South Africa

WoW's careful choice of speakers at its events and its publications have all contributed to a better appreciation of
our country and people leave the WoW functions feeling good about living in South Africa.

Review of the Past

The last few years we have focused all our energies on Education and Nurturing the Nurturers. Our major events for
this past year have been:

Our Annual Women's Day Lunch was held in August at the Sandton Sun Hotel and attended by over 600 women.

In February, we brought out a very gifted teacher and lecturer from New York, Shimona Tzukernik, for a series of talks
entitled Groping for G-d in the Darkness - Finding Faith, Hope & Happiness.
This was attended by hundreds of men and women and was absolutely inspirational.

A Pre-Pesach Cookery Demonstration with Sharon Lurie to enhance Yom Tov was attended by over a 100 ladies.

The first Annual Women's Gathering of Jewish Mysticism drew a capacity crowd at Summer Place in November 2007.

Our Programs

  The Annual Brunch is our event of the year
   - The brunch is an important feature on the WoW calendar for over 600 women who look
     forward to a refreshing morning of inspiration and education.
   - Hosted at the newly renovated Sandton Sun Hotel
   - The theme of the brunch is different every year and is aimed at uplifting and creating a positive
   - The overall theme is to celebrate the feminine spirit.
   - To allow women to enthuse and motivate their family and friends with the desire for a positive
     and improved life.
   - The brunch hosts an array of international and locally renowned speakers.
   - All proceeds go to educational initiatives.

  Gala Banquets
  Business Breakfasts
  Spiritual Enrichment
  General Education
    - International motivational lectures by world-renowned speakers.

  Lifestyle Enhancement
   - Cookery demonstrations with top chefs.
   - Relaxation and spa treatments for women.
   - Arts and Cultural events.
   - Family Growth
   - Relationship Enhancement.
   - Parenting Skills.